Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TMR's Homeopathy News Continues: It's All Lies

"Even as homeopaths and other advocates of questionable alternative medicine are fighting to be funded by health care under American health care reform bills, a scandal involving alleged falsifications made by the British Homeopathic Association (BHA) has shined another unfavorable spotlight on the international practice of homeopathy. 

Nor is the BHA alone in mis-reporting the outcomes of scientific studies to suit its political agenda.  The North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) trumpets one of the studies referenced in the BHA report, but misleads the reader about the results of the study.

These embarrassments also come on the heels of a student demonstration in which 400 students attempted unsuccessfully to 'overdose' on homeopathic solutions. Since true homeopathic remedies are nothing but water (or maybe a little flavoring), the students were hardly taking their lives in their hands. This, of course, was their point."
-- Charles McAlpin, showing I was correct with my previous formulation (Homeopath = Liar) which means I'm either a prophet - or, at least, should be designated as smarter than John Mackey and everyone shopping at Whole Foods - because they're "fruits and vegetables", while I'm The Examiner.

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  1. Who complained about the homeopathic studies quoted ? None other than Dr Evan Harris MP, well known skeptic who managed to get a seat on the parliamentary select committee making decisions about the future of homeopathy on the NHS. Dr Harris has links to "Sense about Science" a Pharma funded lobby group. You couldn't make this stuff up !
    The BHA has refuted his claims on their website.
    Like you say "It's all lies"