Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dammit: We Only Know One Cure For Breathing

We have got to stay strong:
To sit in the studio audience of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" is akin to having parachuted into an amiable and welcoming cult.
Sorry. This stuff gets to us when it's so open and nobody does anything, or even reacts accordingly.

Last night, right after we received praise for making people laugh, we went and flew into a really bad fit of man-sized anger. Hearing that a Democrat we, at least, liked a little was laid low - someone who was kinda normal, not perfect but who was real - after we watched her be treated like dirt by a bunch of lightweights, can do that. The world can be so damned unfair now. A few more prominent examples of Life being that stone cold to the truly deserving would be fine by us. Take the initiative, yall:

Make something work out right today.

Yesterday, we helped out a friend who needed it. No big deal - a trip to the supermarket, a little gas money, a few words of kindness and advice. He called back that night, thanking us, which really took us back.

"What in the fuck are you talking about?" we asked, "That's what we're supposed to do!" He said he knew that, but nobody else had, and he still wanted us to know how he felt.

All we could do was stand there in amazement.

Though we get donations through the blog, it's hard to imagine, in this place with so many Christians, the only serious recent display of "Help Thy Neighbor" we've seen in our adulthood was in that great drug addict movie called, Winter's Bone. It wasn't like this when we were kids. We come from the America where people remembered slavery and, whether it was down the block or around the world, sent each other food and money. That's how we survived in the foster care system. It wasn't no grand gesture. It was a simple acknowledgment that a kid with no parents needed somebody. Maybe a whole lot of somebodies. Getter done.

One time, during a social gathering, a huge stranger showed up in our neighborhood wearing rags. Half of his teeth were missing and he only had one eye. In many ways, to us kids, he was frightening. Everything came to a halt. He explained he had fallen on hard times and asked the adults, please, for some "help". By the time these scotch-and-water types were done with him, he had a belly full of food, plus extra to take home, new clothes, money in his pocket and a place to not just stay but live. And no one who provided it really had a pot to piss in themselves. That's what we learned the lessons of religion were supposed to be about. Not crystal cathedrals, or claims to being a "community organizer" - or even going to church - but just basic human kindness. That poor guy never knew what hit him, becoming a trusted, and vital part of our community, loved by all.

We also remember sitting in church one day, and a young couple's baby was screaming bloody murder, making some of the more well-dressed uncomfortable. The parents gathered their things to leave when the preacher asked, "Where are you going?" The couple looked up, confused. The pastor said, "Sit down. The baby's crying? So what? Babies cry. It's a joyful sound." Then, with an intensity we'll never forget, he looked directly into the congregation and said "It's aliiiiiiiiive!" causing everyone who hadn't been shushing this new family to burst into applause.

It's funny, the people and things we remember, and how they've shaped our lives. We would never want to be, or try to be, the people we see around us now.

These NewAgers, so-called "celebrities", and the laughable smart set who tells us what's what while wasting our money trying to avoid it.

We've known thieves with more integrity, drug addicts with more sense, and physically ugly people - breathtakingly ugly even - who were waaay more beautiful, inside and out.

Why Americans would look to admire anyone, for mere beauty or money, is beyond our comprehension.

But then again, the West's priorities have been messed up for a long, long time and we've never been shy about saying so. Who we've chosen to admire is all you've got to know.

We "love" and "admire" TV talk show hosts, who promote quackery and nonsense for money, and claim they're moral.

We promote homewreckers as "the most beautiful" amongst us. We elevate people with no apparent valuesto the highest positions in the land. Con men and swindlers are our top financiers and "spiritual leaders", pushing us to look ahead for our "full potential", as they reach behind and pick our pockets. And because of all of this, like the adulterous French so many idiots here admire, we think of this America as "sophisticated".

Well, like we said at the beginning, sorry. With our upbringing, we can't imagine how this Hell could lead to anything less than what some see as regular outpourings of disaster and rage.

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