Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lying Is The Worst Thing: Requiem For A Dream

It is a sincere tragedy of our lives to witness, and fully understand, those who lose sight of what's important. It crushes us. It bears down on our own will to live.

We feel it in the utterances of those who gleefully point to a 50% divorce rate, without acknowledging what understanding of our collective humanity we've lost. To stand with another person - for life - is no small feat. If you're not up to it, you can hardly claim to have mastered concepts like loyalty, strength, wisdom, or compassion. In truth, you're a failure in the basics of existence. We know this. It is The Truth. The big one religious types claim to seek.

We are nothing without each other.

If you can't handle one person, collecting others won't make up the difference. Too many, who claim to understand the big questions, lose sight of that in their musings. But, collectively, we know.

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter will never be trusted, except by the naive and twisted. Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani will never be president. Bill Clinton will always be watched around our daughters. And Angelina Jolie will always be a multi-divorced homewrecker, attached to Brad Pitt who - no matter how many houses he builds - will never be known for his smarts. Prince Charles and Madonna - no matter who they are or how much money they have - will always be plain weird.

They're all examples of the extremely short-sighted - those who found fame, took shortcuts, and lost. Wealth won't change it. Their characters are fixed, and their characters are broken, if it's possible they have any character left at all. The same applies to the multitude of unknown others, trying to start a new life where no one knows what they've done to those closest to them. They're hiding their shame, and trying to make a NewAge where shame doesn't exist, so they can hopefully cheat humanity once again. But there's no escape. Strike a defiant pose all you want, remarry, claim to be happy. Someone else's misery is out there, created by you, and defiling the land. Do you hope your children will one day be happy? Why? Someone else, who looked for the same promise of a lifetime, found you to their utmost regret.

There's no one here but us on this planet, and - deep down inside - we all know what what-they've-done individually means to civilization. They are the first wave of the forces of evil. It's no surprise that the pain of a break-up has been known to kill. It's no surprise the pain of divorce has been likened to death, and been known to shorten lives. The perps can only run. The people who initiate these actions are murderers of something vital, no matter how blithely they try to brush it away. No matter how they try to make the lie look. They don't want to think about it. They don't want the rest of us to know what it means.

Neither do we, but we do.


  1. This is the best post you've ever made. When I saw Elizabeth Edwards on the news this morning, I started thinking of all those I've known to experience the suffering of having joined their life to a faithless liar. It's so fundamental; thanks.

  2. It's telling that parents these days want their children to be "happy" in a much greater percentage than "good".

    We will reap another generation that is neither.