Saturday, November 20, 2010

Popcorn's Better When Reality's Sprinkled On It

The "City of God" is a place in Brazil where - surprise! - God doesn't exist. And the re-current hero of American cinema, "Harry Potter", wouldn't stand a chance:

Now, where we come from, that's entertainment! Five stars.

Meanwhile, in the backwoods of America, the beat (down) goes on:

Yes, "Winter's Bone" was also brilliant. Here's a review from the NYT. It got us to tear up a little bit, which is an indication of how intensely moving it was. A 17-year old girl, desperately standing up her proud extended family of meth addicts and boss men - only partially protected by the women, who are just as hard. We loved it.

Everything about both of these films screamed, The Macho Response.

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