Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Catch: The First Black (NewAge) President On The First Black (NewAge) President - A Sham

This is an interesting choice of words - "fairy tale" - considering the belief system they all share. But, considering they were trying to sway us normal folk in the middle, it's no surprise Clinton would try to use the unreal quality NewAge cultism delivered during the election to turn us off.

Would his words have carried much weight if the media had been doing their jobs and pointed out that, while Obama was mixed up with the NewAge cultism of Oprah and her love of quackery and fraud, Bill was also mixed up with Ken Wilber and had toured the country shilling NewAge self-help nonsense with Tony Robbins - not to mention Hillary's forays into weirdness with the "psychic" Jean Houston? Would Hillary be Secretary of State, now, if they had? Would Barack be president? Would Bill have enough credibility to be staging this current comeback, that Chris Matthews has labeled (Where do liberals come up with this stuff?) "An Alliance Made By God And The Democratic Party"?

Let's just say "we think not" and carry on,...

Hat Tip: Althouse

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