Saturday, December 11, 2010

You Don't Need A Mate Once You Lost Your Soul

Researchers say don't marry your soul mate. Why not? We don't know - we didn't read it because it's on Arianna's crazy NewAge cult publication, The Puffington Host. But, our guess is, it's because any man dumb enough to get hitched to a woman who's still using the wildly popular NewAge cult term "soul mate" is no good for her crazy ass.

Hell, they've probably got a screw loose, themselves.

And the same goes for the cult phrase "the love of your life" - what's wrong with these cultists? Did they exhaust their imaginations or their vocabularies? Jeez.

UPDATE: That professor who's sleeping with his daughter? Surprise - He's also another regular contributer to The Puffington Host! (Can we call 'em, or what? It's not like we're naming every news outlet a cult hangout,...) Man, NewAge Leftists really know where to go for news, and Arianna Huffington really knows where to find cultists to provide it! That lady's got class:

She's just real class, all the way,...or unreal. Whatever.

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  1. Was married once, but I got a vaccination. Never been in a cult, it seems only "smart" people join those.