Sunday, April 10, 2011

Alone At The Table (Looking Right At His Cards)

While the specters of a "cult" and a "curse" have made themself known again, regarding Barack Obama's further presidential prospects, the specific mention of NewAge has not, though another "c" word is coming up, now and then, further leading me to think I'm still on the right track:
Obama has lost his "progressive" base, because he's done nothing remotely progressive. He has lost the middle because his Administration has overseen their gradual impoverishment at the hands of Financial Power Elites. He has offered them phony facsimiles of reform slicked down with the tiresome "soaring rhetoric" of a con artist so besotted with his own story that he actually believes the BS himself.
Cults, curses, con men (and even delusional thinking) they're all part of the NewAge whole, or, as NewAgers themselves say - invoking another "c" word - "it's all connected".

As I've said, too many times, others can dance around the NewAge, but what they can't do is stop everybody out there from individually writing about it. And, when even the likes of historian Victor Davis Hanson repeatedly goes there, it should be obvious that no other analogy makes any sense. But it still does raise the question:

Why am I the only blogger exclusively focused on it?


  1. That Zeroheadge poster is right on

    For all the angst and drama from the right over how Obama is a "socialist" and a "radical wealth redistributor"...

    He's basically just Bush lite

    The only wealth redistribution that's going on here is UP, to the people who need it least - just like Reagan, Clinton and both Bushes did too

  2. This won't succeed as a matter of fact, that's exactly what I consider.