Saturday, April 9, 2011

Madness: It's Not Just A Ska Band Anymore,...

It's not easy being an atheist because, surrounded by believers, there's nothing I can really say to stop the madness they'll engage in:
More details emerge about Portland mom who is accused of trying to circumcise her baby at home

The 29-year-old mom told a Portland police detective that she’d been inspired to circumcise her baby after reading the Old Testament.
The only problem was, her son was already three months old. And she was aware that pediatricians at OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital wouldn’t circumcise him because he was too old, she told police.
According to papers filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court this week and obtained by The Oregonian, the prosecution publicly outlined its case for the first time:
Keemonta Peterson told police she watched some YouTube videos about circumcisions. Then around midnight on the morning of Oct. 24 - using a box cutter as a scalpel and a pair of pliers as a tourniquet - she began the procedure. She had no experience.
When the bleeding wouldn’t stop, she tried to stitch her baby up. Her 13-year-old son watched on in distress. After two hours of uncontrolled bleeding, Peterson decided she needed help and called 9-1-1 to her home near East Burnside Street and 127th Avenue.
Medics rushed the infant to OHSU, where he was initially listed in critical condition.
Pretty woman - click on the link (in red) and look at her photo - just dumb as a fucking rock. And she did it in front of her son? Man, is he going to need therapy, or what?

Speaking of women getting a little full of themselves (and thinking they're "all that and a new set of radials") here's a NewAge phenomena that's gotten more-than-a-bit out of hand with feminism:
Are you looking for your inner Priestess? Better be careful if you are. The Priestess Process is New Age group psychotherapy usually "facilitated" by a psychotherapist or a person simply trained in this trademarked protocol. In the Priestess Process, through workshops and exercises (not physical exercises) a person's subconscious is deftly opened for the implantation of words, phrases, thoughts and ideas usually centered around improving self esteem and self worth. The techniques used are classic mind control/brainwashing exercises. Used by women on a journey trying to find their value, the Priestess Process may improve self worth and esteem...through false affirmations and repetition of platitudes...but, unfortunately for the participant it also creates a subconscious mind that unknowingly affects conscious normal relationships with other people who have not had the need to undergo a similar experience.
Got that, Ladies? Some people are normal and don't need help - which should tell you you've got problems - serious mental problems you won't accept, which is why you do this cock-a-mamy bullshit. You, too, probably need some therapy - real therapy. As a matter of fact, as the Priestess Process will tell you, you deserve it!

That's also not to say those lying, thieving dirty baby-killing dogs at Planned Parenthood are the ones to go for help either:
When Chuckles the Sockpuppet Schumer says Democrats will “never, never, never” vote to defund Planned Parenthood, he’s not kidding. But their intransigence has nothing to do with anyone’s physical health. It has everything to do with the Democrats’ political health. They would be voting to cut off their own campaign cash, pried from the hands of taxpayers.
That's right. And I'm just as in favor of giving them money as I am my local voodoo priest:
IT was past 3 a.m. in a dim basement in Flatbush, Brooklyn, and Jack Laroche, a Haitian-American computer engineer, nervously awaited his bride: a voodoo spirit named Ezili Freda who believers say has the power to lavish love and wealth and render wayward spouses impotent. 

As four drummers pounded rhythmically, voodoo priestesses in bright-colored dresses danced in ecstatic circles, dousing the floor with rum and chanting, “Ayibobo!” — the voodoo “amen.” The bride’s dramatic entrance was signaled when a priestess in a shimmering pink silk dress started trembling violently, her eyes rolling toward the back of her head before she fainted. When she came to, apparently possessed by Ezili Freda, she took Mr. Laroche’s hand and nibbled on his ear coquettishly before the happy couple exchanged vows in French.

Long misunderstood and maligned in Western popular culture, voodoo has become a spiritual anchor in New York City’s vast Haitian community and in Haitian enclaves across the country as practitioners look for comfort after the devastating earthquake in the impoverished Caribbean nation last year.

In New York, where there are roughly 300,000 people who were born in Haiti or are of Haitian descent — the largest concentration in the United States — richly painted basement voodoo temples are sprinkled around Harlem and in parts of Brooklyn and Queens. Mambos, or voodoo priestesses, say they can barely keep up with “demann,” or prayer requests; spiritual love recipes to lure recalcitrant lovers are the most popular. Voodoo prayer circles in which practitioners meet to commiserate have also proliferated, with a notable intensity in the months since the earthquake.

But the world of voodoo has fallen under an unwelcome spotlight in recent weeks as a result of two episodes in which the authorities say voodoo played a central role — a fatal five-alarm fire in Brooklyn and the coming trial in Queens of a woman accused of severely burning her daughter.
Sorry, Folks, but you're not priests and priestesses but a bunch of wierdos hurting each other - and kids - so, as far as I'm concerned, the sooner we can ship the whole lot of you - feminists, Democrats, NewAge believers, voodoo whatevers, etc. - back to wherever you came from (or at least Europe) the better:

As an American atheist, I've had it.


  1. Listen Playboy I don't care what any of those fake "how to be a pimp/mack/player books" proclaim you can not learn how to become a pimp from reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to a song. The only thing you can get from those mediums is a little inspiration and maybe a very shallow insight of the game.

  2. Thanks to multiculturalism the civilisation that gave everyone light bulbs, antibiotics and spaceflight is no longer able to tell savages (of all colours, persuasions and faiths)- "we do not do that here."