Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Great TMR Music Break: The Black Lips

While the rest of the interwebs are obsessed with Lady GaGa, American Idol, or Rebecca Black's "Friday", there's still good artists out there, making good music, and being ignored as you wonder aloud - with your awful tastes - how this country is ever going to rise again. I'll tell you:

By you getting your heads out of your asses, quit looking for tits or the next flash in the pan, and start backing quality creators with some staying power, that's how.

America used to be known as the only country that, year in and year out, month to month, could consistently make good Pop music. I know that's still the case. My question now is can we still recognize it?

This Black Lips song is a good little number. If you've got it, I'd appreciate a donation so I can get back in the game, too. Then we'll kick things into high gear.


  1. Hey, Crack,

    You into the Ike Reilly Assassination at all? If not, give a listen, see what you think.

  2. Bill, With-A-Quickness,

    Dude, I never heard of 'em, so - just for you - I was going to do a post featuring "Whatever Happened To The Girl In Me?" but the assholes don't allow embedding so I hate 'em.

    Try again.

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