Monday, April 4, 2011

Charlie Sheen Is Two And A Half Men (WINNING)

I love how everyone keeps counting him out and then he keeps reminding them there's a real world - and a real man - who has a real life that refuses to conform to their silly narrative. I've heard drug addicts diss him for doing drugs, without realizing what hypocrites they've made of themselves as they opened their mouths. Forget drugs - this is the man feminism's been trying to kill for 50 years! And he just won't die!

Everyone - especially the type who are prone to keep propping up an Oprah, or a Madonna, or applaud a freak like Arianna Huffington, are determined to count a free man out - because he's free and doesn't need the likes of them. They are the friends who are never there. They are the co-workers determined to trip you up. They are the so-called "family" you can't rely on. They're the friends with money who'll do everything with it but help you out. They are people without honor. Charlie Sheen is a man's reality:

A real man.

And it's nice to see him back in action.

1 comment:

  1. The hate spewed at Sheen is simple to understand.

    Jealousy, sexual insecurity, fear - and anger at the fear.

    Pod people do not get it, and never will.