Monday, April 11, 2011

Enforce The Ban To The Full Extent Of The Law

I made this comment, first, at the Althouse:

What's not mentioned in the video is that, when veiled women arrive in French parks, etc., a gloom comes over the environment that's palpable. Forget sexism, the veil screams "terrorist" to everyone - who else is walking around completely covered like Cousin It? 

Nobody trusts them, nobody respects them - the veil says "We're different and we don't like or respect the rest of you." So why should anyone kow-tow to them?

I'm surprised France is doing it - America ought to be as well.


  1. Amen to that.

    For what it's worth, I also find nun's habits and those weird little hats that Jews wear, extremely offensive and threatening.

  2. You assholes are always making comparisons with groups that aren't known to be violent.

    And you always do it anonymously.

    Keep it up:

    I'll stop anonymous comments altogether.

  3. She could have poked out a kid's eye while wearing that thing!

  4. You assholes are always making comparisons with groups that aren't known to be violent.

    Where I come from, raping children is considered to be pretty "violent," Mr Macho.

    Northwest native abuse survivors secure $166 million settlement from church

    Read more:

    A Catholic order has agreed to pay $166 million to nearly 500 survivors of sexual abuse at Jesuit-run reservation boarding schools...

    The abuse was alleged to have taken place at Jesuit operated mission schools and boarding schools on Indian reservations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Montana...

    "This settlement recognizes that the Jesuits betrayed the trust of hundreds of young children in their care, and inflicted terrible atrocities upon them. These religious figures should have been responsible for protecting children, but instead raped and molested them," said Blaine Tamaki, a Yakima attorney whose firm represented about a third of the non-Alaskan plaintiffs in a suit filed in 2009.

    "Although the abuse they suffered was horrific, my clients are hopeful that, with the Jesuits' acknowledgement of wrongdoing, changes will be made so that that this type of abuse can be prevented in the future," Tamaki continued in a statement. "In other words, the church needs to correct flaws that have allowed this to happen."

  5. That's not what I mean and you know it - which is why I hate anonymous posters: you hide your identities while making no sense - so I'll say it again:

    Come correct or I'm banning all anonymous posts.

    I'm sick of you cowards. You can find somewhere else to cause trouble because I don't need you.

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  7. Nuns and Jews rarely, if ever, blow up innocent people in the name of their god. When one of the sect does engage in off the wall violence, the body of their religion denounces them. This is not the case with islam.
    If the host society, off of which these parasites live, and ultimately seek to destroy, did not tolerate their barbaric internal justice or cater to their demands for special treatment, then it probably would not matter if they wandered around in black sheets, hiding their faces.
    There is most likely a reason that people in banks get nervous when customers wearing ski masks enter the building.
    When a group wants to be exempt from the security measures imposed on the rest of society, they ask too much.

  8. It's so sad they must resort to a law. If only the media and the university class etc. could recognize their necks on the block and we could have a united front of post enlightenment sanity with all of the social pressures that would bring to bear.
    Have you seen the Cairo University grad photos from the '60s to today? What a disaster.
    The bastards should be reviled so thoroughly that the law would be, well, not even a faint glimmer of a thought, let alone an arguable need.
    Europe is so fucked up and this country is always admiring and lionizing and prostrating ourselves to their schizophrenic idiocies.
    Thanks for the nice blog, Mr. TCE