Friday, April 8, 2011

Jon Stewart Has His Fun: "I Don't Want To Live In A World Where Charles Manson Says What Our Children Can Watch On Television" (Cute)

I'm going to update this with text, in a bit, so check back for that. This is funny stuff, but should hardly be the last word on Glenn Beck, conspiracy theories, and how secularists should approach what seem like some of the "out there" investigations going on in this country, such as Beck's. (Remember: he's a Mormon, while I'm an atheist.) For now, I'll just say I think people need to remember The Daily Show is a comedy program, and that's enough reason to trust what they say less than anything FOX News's resident bible-thumper did:

Beck, as a believer, has to say what he thinks is the truth. Jon Stewart, as a comic, just has to make you laugh.

I'll be back - and thanks for the donations. You've saved my ass again.

UPDATE: So, while Jon Stewart is going on and on about everything that's easy to mock about Beck, he's conspicuously, and conveniently, leaving out the White House scalps Beck collected, and the level of political interest he inspired. He's also leaving out the fact that, though The Glenn Beck Program won't be on FOX, Glenn Beck will, in some capacity, so - along with his excellent radio broadcast - liberals will continue to be stuck with him, whether they like it or not. My take:

Liberal applause, now, many be somewhat warranted, but, to me, it still seems waaay premature.

And finally, as an atheist who gets deep into religion and spirituality, it seems disingenuous for Jon Stewart to knock Glenn Beck for his Book of Revelations nonsense by twisting it up with 2012 and the Mayan calendar, when Stewart has to know Beck is a conservative Mormon - commenting on that Leftist spirituality nonsense. All it makes me wonder is why Jon Stewart never says anything about, say, Louise Hay's influence on PBS? Actually, I don't have to wonder why, because the answer is obvious:

PBS is for and of the Left, so they can spout all the NewAge nonsense they want, and Stewart won't say a word about how crazy they appear.

But that's fine - as I said, the man's a professional clown, and his mandate is to make us laugh - so, as long as he's being funny and Beck & Co. are kicking his and the Left's NewAge ass, we should occasionally be able to give Stewart a pass because, in the larger scheme of things, the joke is definitely on him.

Which is yet another topic he'll never discuss on The Daily Show.