Saturday, April 2, 2011

They Say Bloggers Shouldn't Insult Readers But What If Readers Already Insulted Themselves?

Correct answer: It's open season, assholes.

Moving right along. Now this right here is one inspiring quote:
Many people on various parts of the political spectrum are expressing a sense of disappointment with Obama. But I have not felt the least bit disappointed.

Once in office, President Obama has done exactly what his whole history would lead you to expect him to do — such as cutting the military budget and vastly expanding the welfare state.

He has bypassed the Constitution by appointing power-wielding “czars” who don’t have to be confirmed by the Senate as cabinet members must be, and now he has bypassed Congress by taking military actions based on authorization by the United Nations and the Arab League.

Those who expected his election to mark a new “post-racial” era may be the most disappointed. He has appointed people with a track record of promoting race resentment and bias, like Attorney General Eric Holder and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Disappointing? No. Disgusting? Yes. The only disappointment is with voters who voted their hopes and ignored his realities.
Yessirreee, I'm inspired anyway. Deeply moved. But then, I didn't vote for him, so I'm not crazy.


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  1. Fucking A, Crack speak truth to power in a way the cowards in the media won't.

    Your old Blogfriend,

    Panda Bear, MD