Monday, April 11, 2011

When Two Sides Battle (They Are Not The Same)

Here's the political links - next up are cultural stories:

The Fukushima nuclear power plant and risk of radiation for the rest of us:
"Why would an agency concerned with public health make a statement about something that is of no concern to public health?"
The GOP's winning streak:
Here’s the unvarnished pitch House Speaker John Boehner would love to make to his conservative critics if he could just let it fly:

“You are winning, and winning decisively. So stop your whining.”

And here’s the unvarnished truth about that pitch: Boehner would be spot on.
Demonizing the GOP, losing the budget battle:
So why do Republicans hate art, the elderly and children?

Hint: Same reason parents hate their children when they say, “No.” We could just leave it at that, but this is too much fun.

The demonizing of Republicans for trying to seriously address our desperately ailing economy surely begs for a new metaphor. The GOP has become the army of Mordor, fat-gobbed predators who feed on children while destroying all that is beautiful in their relentless pursuit of greed.

Or so one would infer from the fiery rants emanating from the bowels of Capitol Hill and Hollywood.
Barack Obama - Recalling the Wild Praise of 2008:
“Mr. Obama is a man of supple intelligence, with a nuanced grasp of complex issues and evident skill at conciliation and consensus-building. At home, we believe, he would respond to the economic crisis with a healthy respect for markets tempered by justified dismay over rising inequality and an understanding of the need for focused regulation. Abroad, the best evidence suggests that he would seek to maintain U.S. leadership and engagement, continue the fight against terrorists, and wage vigorous diplomacy on behalf of U.S. values and interests. Mr. Obama has the potential to become a great president. Given the enormous problems he would confront from his first day in office, and the damage wrought over the past eight years, we would settle for very good.”
Fucking hilarious.

The Hidden Job Crisis for American Men:
"Men are disappearing from the workplace in ways that don't always register on the official unemployment rate."
The Queen Bee syndrome - Why females bosses can wreck other women's promotion hopes:
Women carving out a career in a male-dominated environment might expect there is one thing guaranteed to work in their favour – a female boss.

But surprisingly it is more likely to wreck a woman’s promotion prospects.
This article doesn't go far enough, if you ask me, because some women (the mean girls) will wreck everything, for everyone, merely for not getting their way.

Sorry, Ladies, but this blog is about being honest,...and - to those of us who didn't buy the feminist line - too many of you are more trouble than you're worth.