Monday, April 11, 2011

Tie Up Your Boobs (We're All Going To Die)

Scientists discover ‘real-world’ ecstasy use is more dangerous than lab tests:
For a glimpse into real-world drug use, Australian researchers went to parties where people were using a drug known as ecstasy - and discovered that users' brains were at far more risk from the drug than anyone had suspected.

The researchers also found that ecstasy pills often contain a variety of other drugs.
Jim Carrey Got a Really Stupid Haircut:
Jim Carrey, that nearly forgotten relic of the '90s, tried to improve his image and box office relevance by getting himself a new haircut. It's not working.

Carrey's wide mohawk is not the sort of haircut that an adult Canadian should be sporting, at least not one like Jim Carrey.
Well, now that he's done killing babies with Jenny McCarthy, maybe it's the best he can do,...

John Lennon's letters to be published by Little, Brown:
The letters of John Lennon will be published in October 2012 by Little, Brown, the publisher announced Friday. "The Lennon Letters" have been compiled in cooperation with Yoko Ono, Lennon's widow. It's the first time she has given permission for a selection of his letters to be published.

Editing the book and writing its introduction is Hunter Davies, the official Beatles biographer, who has tapped Ono's own archives as well as tracked down correspondence from Lennon that is in the hands of collectors, dealers and the original intended recipients.

In the release about "The Lennon Letters," the publisher points out that Lennon, who died in 1980, never had a chance to convert to email.
Also, there's one letter already out there, and a Beatle business book on the way.

Monty Python? Most of the time it wasn't funny, says Terry Jones:
"Some burst out laughing at the mere mention of a dead parrot. Others find Monty Python’s surreal humour merely, well, silly.

But now those who have never quite got the joke have found an ally in the shape of one of the stars behind the cult comedy.

Terry Jones has confessed that he ‘only occasionally found Python funny’.

Jones, 69, added: ‘I used to watch in trepidation at things that didn’t work wondering if no one would laugh.’

When asked if it was a ‘cop out’ to fill in the gaps between comedy sketches with cartoons, he admitted: ‘Yes.'"
Theatre Review: We're All Going To Die!:
The perky refrains in the freaky existential cabaret written and performed by the playwright Young Jean Lee are probably not going to be squeaked out by Britney Spears, wailed by Mariah Carey or even bellowed by the freak-flag-waving Lady Gaga anytime soon.
And all I can say is "Thank goodness for that!"

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