Friday, September 5, 2008

Why Do NewAgers Pray To Mother Nature When She Keeps On Giving Birth To So Many Freaks?

"The Environment Minister Sammy Wilson has angered green campaigners by describing their view on climate change as a 'hysterical psuedo-religion'.

In an article in the News Letter, Mr Wilson said he believed it occurred naturally and was not man-made.

'Resources should be used to adapt to the consequences of climate change, rather than King Canute-style vainly trying to stop it,' said the minister.

Peter Doran of the Green Party said it was a 'deeply irresponsible message.'

Mr Wilson said he refused to 'blindly accept' the need to make significant changes to the economy to stop climate change.

'The tactic used by the 'green gang' is to label anyone who dares disagree with their view of climate change as some kind of nutcase who denies scientific fact,' he said."
-- The BBC

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