Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No Wonder It's So Well-Written: It's White!!!

"Of the eleven columnists the Times advertises as its team of Op-Ed page writers, nine are whites. Of those nine, seven are -- ouch! -- the disgracefully whitest of white men! Which is another way of saying 81% of the Times Op-Ed columnists are white (White Mo included) and 77% of the columnist team is, to use White Mo's phrase about the Supreme Court, 'stocked with white men' -- guys like Frankly White Rich who are as white as sheets. If one is obsessed with viewing everyone and everything in America through the prism of race, then the 88% white New York Times editorial board and the white paper's stable of 81% white columnists clearly don't read their own editorials. No wonder Black Bob Herbert is so cranky all the time. One of the two black tokens on the Op-Ed page, Black Bob is forced to work with more white guys than David Duke. Black Bob would actually see more black faces if his white bosses let him take the company limo and its black driver over to New Haven to catch the next five-alarm. As for a wise Latina or Latino on the page? Nada."

-- Jeffrey Lord, taking Maureen Dowd (AKA "White Mo") and the overwhelmingly-white staff of the plantation-like The New York Times to task, for suggesting something other than "the content of our character" should be a qualification for employment, during an absolutely wild piece (you've really got to read it: in honor of Maureen, it even goes into s-e-x) in The American Spectator.

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