Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen: Here's Bedlam & Mayhem!

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  1. Some comments:

    Video #1:

    A) There really is *nothing* like a catfight. Women seem to fight each other far harder and more viciously then men do;
    B) The White girl was surprisingly strong. Did you catch how hard and far she threw those chairs?
    C) In 2011, the cry "YouTube! YouTube!" should be a warning to anyone in camera range that their foolishness will soon be exposed to a worldwide audience.

    Video #2:

    A) What I call "The 1% Factor" at work. At any public gathering of 300 or more people, 1% of the audience will be troublemaking assholes ready to ruin it for everyone else. I saw this dynamic in action back in the SoCal HC punk scene in the early 80s; a lot of the action here reminded me of that;
    B) Metal detectors and patdowns are only of limited value, if loose objects of any heft are available. Chairs (as in these two videos) are the usual improvised weapons of choice, but I've seen people use everything from pool cues to fire extinguishers as instruments of battery;
    C) Is that a gunshot at 5:40? The whole crowd seemed to duck and back off at the flash and bang.

    To be reposted on Facebook, with credit and a link.