Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mitra Javanmardi: A Killer Quack Who Got Away

Some of the reasons it's hard to follow up on killer quacks is their trials take so long, many of them operate in places where english isn't always spoken, and the press drops stories as soon as the shine wears off. That said, one story I've finally caught up with - 3 years later - is that of Mitra Javanmardi, a "homeopath" and "naturopath" who killed a guy in Canada.

From what I can tell, even after a "real doctor" testified on her behalf (I put "real doctor" in quotes because you never know what some of these guys are doing if they're willing to step up for "alternative" medicine quacks) her trial was finally concluded with a $15,000 fine, which, if you ask me, was too good for her because she's dangerous:
The consult is $225. Nearly triple what other Naturopaths charge. She is very personnable, very sweet and then sells you hundreds of dollars worth of her products. I actually got worse. Became completely constipated with all her powders and ended up with hemorrhoids on top of my original problem (slightly enlarged prostate).
If more courts were willing and able to dig further into these subjects, and see them for what they are, I'm sure, they'd try to stop this nonsense and these light sentences wouldn't be handed down as often as they are. And they are, all too often. Way, waaay too often.

Mitra Javanmardi, for one, should've gone to prison.