Friday, April 1, 2011

Why Is There Always NewAge Imagery Without Anybody Mentioning Anything About NewAge?

Fine - a shot of the Bush-mocking/Maharishi-defending Paul McCartney, coupled with that loopy Alice In Wonderland spend-to-keep-from-going-broke "logic", are almost enough to warrant it - but is there anything, really, in this National Republican Senatorial Committee ad to justify ending it with Obama riding a unicorn over a rainbow? And if not, then why put it in there? This is what I find so frustrating about, pretty much, everything:

You all know what's going on (Environmentalism = Gaia, right?) but you'll still usually beat around the bush - and pretend anyone being direct is crazy - than cop to the truth yourselves.

If even some of this ad had dealt with Oprah's influence, the talk of the Obama cult, his supporter's weird declarations, his NewAge health initiatives, the gay unicorn porn, and, of course, the connection between NewAge spirituality and Nazi fascism ("ramming ObamaCare down our throats!") the conclusion to this ad would've made total sense. As it stands now, it's just a cheap shot anchored by nothing, unless there's a NewAge belief/basketball bracket connection I'm missing. Here's my take - and it backs up my accusation those in charge on the Right can't fight - or, at least, get their metaphors and symbols right:

This could've been a devastatingly effective ad, especially if introduced at a later date in the campaign, but instead it plays like first year college-level snark, which may make a few people laugh, but doesn't do anyone else much good.

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  1. It often appears than the left is running the campaign of the right, or at least the republican version of the right.