Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's Not About Race. It's Never Been About Race. But Let A Black Guy Do Something And - BAM! - Totally Racial

I'm still thinking about the whole Trayvon thing because, while it had nothing to do with the shutdown, it's the reason Republicans aren't getting anywhere. They were laughing over a dead kid's body and, whether they like it or not, that's the context what they're doing now is seen in. They look like monsters.

When I mentioned that blacks were grieving for Trayvon, one white guy made noises about Martin's family, raising money from his death, and then immediately started shouting "Fuck you". I personally saw this guy bragging about how badly he wanted to shoot a black person, and no one else called him on it, before I'd said anything. I'm not even sure if anybody else said anything after I did. It's just a normal way for the group to look at things, I guess. Blacks don't grieve for their children like white people, fuck you.

There's an argument out there - which I'm sympathetic to - that, at 19, Trayvon was a Temporary Jigsaw into the "Thug Life," and headed for trouble. Fair enough. I still don't think he had to die. You know why? Here's my first reason:

That's just one headline from Mike Adams at, and, as you can see in it, he spreads a wicked amount of misinformation, preys on the sick and dying, defames those trying to save lives, tries to give science and medicine a bad name, and profits from the entire rip-off enterprise. He's Alan Krumwiede from the movie Contagion come to life. AND NOBODY DOES A DAMNED THING ABOUT IT. Even when he hurts white people! He's part of a NewAge movement.  

How many people is he hurting with the garbage he's spreading? I'm not going to even try to suggest he hasn't already killed someone. And yet, white people accept him as part of the landscape, some even viewing him as a hero - you know, like George Zimmerman.

Is Mike Adams worse than Trayvon Martin - even after drinking Lean? If not, where's the pistol-packing posse of white guys and gals, out for blood? Where's the call for justice? Or the outrage he's raising money from deceiving people about a child with cancer? 

Human beings rarely get any lower, but this guy is POPULAR. He's got actual defenders. I'm pretty sure, since my gun-waving friend has let it be known he's into some pretty well-debunked nonsense, that he's one of them. And he wants to kill blacks.

Second reason - how about Kevin Trudeau? I did a post on him not too long ago. He owes the government $37 million, for basically the same kind of fraud as Mike Adams, and he faces no serious problems. Sure, there's a bunch of us lonely websites practically devoted to bringing him down but, compared to a guy with that much money stowed away, we mean nothing.

And, when it comes to vigilantes or revenge fantasists who want to make this country work, nothing's what we got there, too. Kevin Trudeau is rich and, as far as most white people are concerned, that's all you need to know to admire him. Trayvon was 19, so he might not had gotten around to launching his outrageously popular start-up just yet - sorry. 

And he wasn't white, either. So now, since his Tupac-loving ass won't grow up to mature, he won't even have the opportunity to run any major scams on his country, or the world, because he's now in the dirt he would've happily driven someone's finances into because white people don't really care about crime.

If you're white, I mean. Right?

Come on, you guys, catch on soon, this shit is getting tiring,...


  1. Atta-cow.

    I knew you'd come around.

    Now, if I can just get that written in blood,..

  2. I've already made my thoughts on the whole Martin/Zimmerman thing well known.

    It would have been good (not nice, but maybe that too) if somebody had gotten ahold of both men when they were in their early teens -- Trayvon Martin needed somebody to jerk a knot in his tail, so did George -- maybe the knot needed jerking in an individual way but they both needed the same thing...too bad for everyone that they didn't get it...and too bad for everyone that people not only let them get that far, but jumped into their "game" after the fact and kept it alive.

    Trayvon Martin didn't have to die, and George Zimmerman didn't have to become the hot mess he is. And we did not have to go along with it (but we did).