Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Women Getting Squirrelly (And Collecting Nuts)

Most people who read this blog won't believe it, but there are days when we hate doing it. Since TMR started with the discovery of our ex-wife's full immersion in cultism, there can be bad memories, etc., associated with the posts we do, but do them we will. This is one of those posts.

See, the folks on Rick Ross.com are investigating San Francisco's One Taste cult, which we mentioned a few years ago.

TMR hadn't heard too much out of One Taste, except when a friend in The City mentioned they were expanding the cult by offering orgies to homeless men.

Our friend said all a stranger had to do was go to the One Taste center and say they had participated in the Yoga Tree's cult program, but wanted to go beyond those "teachings," and One Taste (a supposedly female-oriented cult) would allow men in - to fuck.

The men would then be "handled" by a weird bearded guy who would decide who would pair with whom, but everyone, including the bearded guy, would be sucking up to a woman.

Now that The New York Times has done a baldfaced lie of a story on the One Taste Urban Retreat Center - "reporting" we knew nothing about when we did our previous recent post, only discovering it on Ann Althouse's blog - we thought we should expand on our One Taste coverage a bit more. And when we say "expand," we mean e-x-p-a-n-d on it, because this type of shit says a lot about our culture today, and why we're in the dire straights we're in, economically and otherwise.

First to One Taste. We can't take all the credit for the research on this cult, but have relied on the work of the "Anticult" (a concerned citizen who frequents the site of Rick Ross.com) along with many others who discuss cultism there.

(Yea, you thought it was just us, huh? We first came into contact with Rick Ross - a famous deprogrammer and authority on cultism - back in 2005, when we first discovered Karine Anne Brunck was part of the Reiki cult and had fallen under the spell of the lying homeopath, "Dr." Robert Wohlfart, who Karine assisted in killing her mother. It was too late for Mr. Ross to do anything by the time we'd made contact - Karine had left the country, to later kill two more people in France - but Ross' concern matched our own, and his site has been a comforting touchstone, and information resource, for TMR ever since.) During a Rick Ross.com discussion of One Taste (which a bunch of cultists have tried to derail) TMR was mentioned, and linked to, so we started reading what was said and decided to quickly do the previous post.

Most of the quotes used, here, are from comments made by Rick Ross.com users.

O.K., so what do we know about One Taste? We know it's run by Nicole Daedone, and (as TMR has tried, repeatedly, to make clear:) "they are located in the perfect place,...to escape scrutiny in SF."

Nicole is the co-founder of San Francisco's 111 Minna Gallery.

Nicole Daedone "was in a Theosophist cult prior to starting One Taste. Theosophy comes from Madame Blavatsky, who is popular in fascist circles for her support of 'root races' and Aryanism." (Blavatsky was the famous liar, con artist, and fraud, known as "The mother of NewAge".)

According to personallifemedia.com, Nicole "...in 1998,...joined a community that practiced and studied the teachings of Dr. Victor Baranco, above, founder of More University."

AKA The School of More, more, more - how do you like it? How do you like it?

Baranco ("a real piece of work" and a "Berkeley appliance salesman") is the guy featured (along with Charlie Manson) in the book, Mindfuckers, which we showed you in the previous post.

Baranco, thankfully, died in 2002.

It's also said Nicole studied "Buddhism, semantics, Kabbalah and traditional Judaism," which is wild since semantics ain't no "spiritual practice," but learning to twist the meaning of words.

"Having been one of the 17 people who was there when One Taste first opened, I am familiar with the inner workings of this community. To compare what’s happening at One Taste to Buddhism, or to spirituality in general, is an egregious error. I was there when Nicole [Daedone, One Taste’s founder] began to “spiritualize” the information she was teaching. 

Since there is a growing pool of spiritual seekers in the Bay Area, and “operating on appetite” as they do, Nicole morphed what she was offering into something that can be construed as spiritual.

In order to “spiritualize” the basic practice she teaches, Nicole changed the name from “deliberate orgasm,” as it is known in other communities, to “orgasmic meditation.”

Et voila, it’s now a spiritual practice!

The article mentions the Buddhist idea of the witness. What I understand about this concept is that the witness is simply that, witnessing what the self/ego/small mind is doing, with no judgment, attachment or agenda. That was not my experience of “being witnessed” while living with the One Taste community.

There was always an agenda, one that primarily had to do with the leader’s wants and desires. As soon as I was willing to trust what I saw, felt and experienced for myself, I knew this community was a farce. I observed many cult-like characteristics that I had not allowed myself to see previously."
-- a letter to the Editor of commongroundmag.com

"The bottom line is that Nicole Daedone has no training or credentials to be fooling around with live-in sex groups, therapy, experimental communities, MindFucking, and all the other stuff she is doing. What certified sex-therapist would prescribe any of that? None. It can be very dangerous and damaging to do that with people, common sense tells you that."
--The Anticult, commenting on Rick Ross.com.

Let's stop here. Show of hands: can anyone explain what good can possibly come from anyone with these associations? San Francisco? Berkeley? Charley Manson? Victor Baranco? Blavatsky? Mindfuckers?

It seems that, even though we've just started this expose', we're already wallowing in a cesspool that's so deep, anyone who decides to climb into it can't help but stink up the place for others. And Nicole Daedone is up to her neck in it. But look:

Women are lining up to join a cult! Women, who are always screaming about their freedom, are always lining up to join cults! Why is that? There practically couldn't be a cult in world without, specifically, female "followers".

"Do not enter uninvited unless you want your feelings hurt."
-- A sign outside The Morehouse commune and "University" where Nicole Daedone "studied" under "Dr." Victor Baranco.

TMR has been charged with misogyny before but - let's talk straight here - women are the one's propelling cultism! (Just ask Oprah.)

Don't they have access to Google? There is absolutely nothing - nothing - that TMR can discover that they (or The New York Times) couldn't on their own. But they don't bother. Like the "serious political platform" of Hope and Change, they like believing in pretty little empty-headed lies. If con men are telling them - and, especially, con women - all the better.

Instead, they willingly choose to give away their freedom - even becoming whores for a friggin' cult. Look at those women. They ain't dumb, but just so full of themselves (Narcissists) cognitive dissonance can't allow their innate gullibility to penetrate any image of themselves. They think they're being smart by doing the dumbest thing they could possibly do:

Becoming cogs in a con.

"08/01/2007 Just your basic sex cult with a clever urban twist. You'll leave broke and possibly psychotic."
-- One of many negative comments about One Taste on Yelp.com

"Nothing more than a glorified sex cult--for profit, I might add. I walk by this place every day, and it's literally frightening. Stay away, this is sexual scientology."
-- Comment by James from San Francisco on Apr 4th, 2007, 16:43 pm, on sfweekly.com

The "credentials" of One Taste's core group of loonies are interesting:

The the Business Manager "started his business career in San Francisco building state of the art graphic design workstations," which equipped him perfectly for co-authoring One Taste's core courses and acting as a (non-credentialed) personal coach.

The Project Manager received her certification from Bikram's Yoga College of India. Oooh, India. Life there is cheap.

The Event Coordinator "has been dedicated to embodying her full power" and "though she had attained significant worldly power, she realized she remained disconnected from her power as a woman." (Can anybody say "schizophrenic"?)

The Store Manager is a "lifelong student of natural medicine & the healing arts," and "experienced as a gemstone therapist,..."

The Juice Bar Manager has "graduated" from the cult called Lifespring. ("Lifespring is an offshoot of EST and well-covered in the Rick Ross forums.")

The Juice Bar Production Lead is a former graduate of Warner Erhart's EST training.

The Movement Center Manager's life "took an abrupt turn with the purchase of a one-way ticket to India in 1998." He spent more than two years traveling through Asia studying meditation, yoga, and shiatsu massage. Wow: two whole years - traveling!!!!

The Event Coordinator and (cultish) Environment Designer received both a Masters in Communication and a Ph.D in "Lifestyles" from Victor Baranco's bogus More University. "She has spent the last 21 years researching the sensual nuances of all aspects of life."

Which, as Prince said, "means forever and that's a mighty long time,...but I'm here to tell you - there's something else":

“Little more than a cult that uses sex as a lure. They charge $2,000 A WEEK to be resident there…oh, unless you’re a girl who can provide other ’services’,...As for being a cult…I’d certainly say so, in regard to how they go about recruiting new blood, and how they discourage them from leaving, not to mention they prey on folks who could use some genuine psychotherapy. None of the leaders of OneTaste have any kind of psychotheraputic training as far as I can tell, yet they make broad claims as to how they can turn around the lives of people through sex, some of whom are obviously in a vulnerable place psychologically."
-- A comment on yelp.com

So let's add it all up:

Uncredentialed "personal coaching," lots of stretching, a twisted/frustrated attempted ego-unfulfilling feminist search, "natural medicine" and "healing," "gemstone therapy," lots of Warner Erhart's mind control crap, (of course) staring at your own bellybutton and calling it deep meditation, and a phony Ph.D in "Lifestyles" from a phony college started by a Charley Manson-type manipulator.

And all of these folks are associated, somehow, with Victor Baranco.

Sounds like a whole lot of cultism - and nothing else - to us. No one at One Taste has anything to their name that says they should be doing what they're doing.

And yet, in San Francisco, they're allowed to screw around - literally - with people's lives.

Here's a whole post by the Anticult:

I was alerted by someone that one of the previous websites mentioned is certainly NOT objective.
Its called Considering The Universe 

They had made a previous post about OneTaste that sounded innocent, but then they made another post later on that was clearly recruiting for OneTaste.
She quotes some new agey gibberish, and then displays a DOUBLE-BIND false choice argument put forward by Nicole Daedone.

That is a common tactic, she copied that from someone, notice she says AT ANY COST...that equals money, body, mind...

QUOTE: "Nicole also noted that there are two types of people on the path, those who hope they have found the way to enlightenment and those who know they have no choice but to persevere no matter what the cost. " 

Next she does a pitch and offers to CHAPERONE you to a OneTaste meeting!

Notice that word, CHAPERONE.

That is implying she is going to protect you from the big bad sexual world of OneTaste? Adults need a chaperon? 

QUOTE: "If you are interested in OneTaste’s philosophy, practice, or community and you live near San Francisco or New York City, I highly encourage you to stop by and check it out. I am happy to to chaperon anyone near SF. Drop me a line and let’s connect!" 

Obviously this is directed at young women. What they are doing is predatory, and is somewhat akin to waiting around the bus station looking for confused young women. 

It can be useful to study these smaller cultish groups, as they are more obvious and less slick, and so its easier to spot what they are doing.

PS: oh yuck, these folks are also promoting Byron Katie too!

Emily from ConsideringTheUniverse.com is studying Integral Psychology at JFK University, which appears to be based on Ken Wilber. Ken Wilber wrote a book called ONE TASTE. 

Emily also says she "I really liked what ANDREW COHEN had to say"

Andrew Cohen? Fuck. That's a girl in trouble!

If you're paying attention, there's no way to miss the fact that a lot of people think being driven off the edge of a cliff would be "enlightening" for everybody - whether the rest of us want to go over or not. That's what's happening to now.

It's the stupid "new paradigm" they're always talking about: disaster central. Equality through a hand-to-mouth existence for everyone. That's all NewAgers can imagine. They certainly aren't going to do any actual work!

And even they don't know what they're doing; their gullible asses are just compelled to go there.

Well TMR ain't going with 'em - fuck a cult:

We don't take anything lying down.


  1. Never had heard of this story. Yikes.

  2. I LOVE your blog post!! THANK YOU SO Much. I say with very little pride that my head was up my ass about all this when you wrote this so many years ago.

    But 2 years ago I finally woke up. Today I just stumbled on this because the feminist idiot author Naomi Wolf is hustling OneTaste like nothing else and I cannot believe what a stupid idiot she is.

    My gut told me One Taste was a cult and that Nicole Daedone had ties to Theosphy. I think her whole deal is tied to the Luciferian U.N. and Agenda 21.

    What do you know about Ulysses " Butch" Slaughter who is now her partner and director of One taste? Something tells me he is CIA.

  3. Bloomberg did an expose about OneTaste recently that people might check out. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-06-18/the-dark-side-of-onetaste-the-orgasmic-meditation-company