Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Liberals: Just Lovin' The Hate (& Being Haightful)

And people wonder why I call them Nazis - look at her:

Everyone there is amazed she's laughing, but she's not only laughing, she actually thinks a cruel, stale, David Letterman joke - that wasn't even funny 8 years ago - is hilarious!

Add in all the other things Libs have in common with Nazis and, I'm sorry, but the title fits too well. (Leftists probably never took it seriously, when historians said the Germans of the Third Reich were just normal everyday people, that they meant someone like themselves, but I've seen enough to know exactly what they meant.) Their love for "ancient teachings", worship of the Earth, "alternative" medicine, overturning elections, death threats and marches, and on and on and on:

They'd go whole hog without a thought (clearly) if given the opportunity.

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UPDATE: Here's another clip I got from Hot Air, with Joe saying Obama should apologize for what he, and his supporters said about Bush and Cheney during the election, before Obama went on to hypocritically do everything they did. But, of course, no one who called them evil, or said they were shredding the constitution, will apologize because, as we all know, Nazis never quit:

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