Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh - So There Are Obama Cultists? Who Knew?

How about this for a headline, y'all:
Kevin Drum begins to doubt his cult leader
Ha! Now, once again, these fools who claim they're informing you are being exposed for keeping it quiet (They play games with me and cultism - where have they been on cultists over the last two years? Oh, but now that Obama's running again, out comes the only meme that's ever mattered. Coincidence?)

These other bloggers have been lying to you, by distracting you with nonsense, and now - BAM! - the real issues are all coming back into focus.

I swear, I am not going to reach out to the world on this - I'm done with that - the world is going to come to me, like Charlie Sheen:

Whether they like it or not.

And yes, I'm speaking about several major bloggers, who have made it their job to inform us, but don't. Because they don't like me. Or understand me. Or some other childish reason. The point is, many of them know this shit and aren't informing you - they've been lying to you - while another election has been sneaking up on us.

It's time somebody started talking some real shit - and fast.

Or do you want to see this play out, in the exact same way, all over again?