Monday, April 4, 2011

Spiritually Enlightened Former Material Girl Now Missing Material Despite Spiritual Enlightenment

Whoo, buddy, you know that Madonna stopped being the Material Girl a while back, and even chased her husband away because she'd become spiritually weird over Kabbalah, right? Well, of course, there was another man involved with her - no matter who she was having sex with - and he was the reason she's been acting like such a non-good-record-making ding-dong for so long. At least that was true until now:
Madonna has removed the board of directors of her Raising Malawi charity amid accusations it wasted £2.4 million on a project to build a school that never got off the ground.

The 52-year-old singer has herself now taken up the reins of the charity, which aims to help orphans and children with AIDS in the African state.

Among the board members axed is Kabbalah co-director Michael Berg.

Madonna took the decision after the charity’s £9 million flagship project the Raising Malawi Girls’ Academy - was abandoned last week following an audit which discovered £2.4 million had been frittered away by staff on golf memberships and chauffeur-driven cars.
Being a cult hater - I don't just dislike the phenomena but hate it - I always think it's cool when someone has spent a decade, and a fortune, smugly abandoning everyone while turning into a weirdo because his or her guru is Mr. Know-It-All, only to find out they've been made a fool of all along - just as everyone sane told them.

What can I say, when I'm looking at the ultra-rich and I'm broke because of cults?

I gotta get my kicks somehow.

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