Thursday, February 24, 2011

Other Great Ideas: L. Ron Hubbard Drinking A Margarita, Oprah Winfrey Buying Her Audience Burritos, J.Z. Knight Covered In Tamale Sauce,...

While some are pissed off about the Hacienda Restaurant's major advertising blunder, we're not. Why should we be? Few others take seriously the gray area that cult leaders, killer cultists, or even the cult murders exist in, so why should the Hacienda Restaurant? Hell, Hollywood made a whole Academy Award-winning movie about The People's Temple - never mentioned them once - and hardly anybody even noticed!

Look, the Hacienda Restaurant messed up by being too direct with the advertising. All they have to do now is quietly hook up with Cafe' Gratitude (or Panda Express) and this stuff will blow over in no time. The trick in the 2011 world of American restaurants is to make cultism's mystic mayhem™ of murder and madness a normal part of the atmosphere. For instance, next time, the Hacienda might want to advertise their poisoned Kool-Aid as a "free" drink.

That way they'll fit right in.


  1. The billboard doesn't bother me at all but I don't like the expression "to die for."

    That's the kind of thing a faggot says.

  2. This won't succeed in actual fact, that is what I believe.