Saturday, June 2, 2012

And (If They Go With The "Soap" Idea) I'll Play Benson,...

Today, Ann Althouse made two comments on a post that were just too *RIPE* to pass up - first came this one (emphasis mine):

Remember, Meade and I need to do some road trips for your entertainment, and it's a big deal to do that customized Sprinter to suit the sensitivities of an old lady professor-blogger.

And then came this one: 

We had a fantasy of being more like Clarence Thomas and his wife, traveling about.

I pictured some reverse sitcom credits - "with Clarence Thomas as Meade" - and died laughing, though Meade as Clarence Thomas would be just as funny:

"My grandfather beat me,..."

Ann and Meade are off, in their own little vacuum-sealed-with-money existence (a Sprinter? Really?) so I wouldn't go trying to cross-reference it with the reality of Walmart, that CT and Jenny enjoy, too quickly. If anything, I'd say Ann and Meade ought to start off slow - like with whatever they'd consider a cheap air mattress in the backyard - and then try working their way down. Real Americans will laugh at them otherwise.

So what can Ann and Meade do, instead, or until they're ready? 

Well - since my enjoyment is such a major concern of theirs - here are Crack's Top Ten Suggestions For What Meadhouse Can Do To Keep Me Entertained:

10) Meade can start showing up to Wisconsin protests in obnoxiously colorful sweaters because he and Ann have re-imagined themselves as the Huxtables.

9) Meade as Marian Berry ("The bitch set me up!")

8) Blackface: Meade's Obama, Ann's Michelle,...wait - that's not much of a stretch,...

7) They buy the Sprinter, and the two of them criss-cross the country, recreating scenes from the Vietnam War's My Lai Massacre. (Extra credit if they make a special stop at "Roswell.")

6) They do whatever they see on an old episode of MTV's "Pimp My Ride" - complete with hydraulics - THEN they go visit the RV campgrounds.

5) Meade is Anthony Hopkins. Ann is Jodie Foster. This is Silence Of The Lambs. Action!

4) Three words: The Beverly Hillbillies.

3) Billarry or "Soap" - pick one. Ann and Meade may interpret them as they like.

2) Since they both like Mitt so much - strap a dog to the roof of anything and just GO!

And Crack's Number One Suggestion For What Meadhouse Can Do To Keep Me Entertained:

1) Tell everybody they're going to see Mayan temples - but they really visit all the Mormon ones!