Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Master: 2nd Trailer ("Say Something That's True!")

The string of cult-inspired films continues, and Paul Thomas Anderson's keeping the creepfest going with teasers about his take on Scientology, "The Master." In it, Joaquin Phoenix (who, in real life, was raised in a cult) gets mentally tortured by Philip Seymour Hoffman's L. Ron Hubbard character - from what appears to be a jail cell. That works for me (as does the music - cool!)

Naturally, as we learned yesterday, "the truth" can only be found in The Book Of Mormon (you definitely won't get it from Obama) so I don't know what anybody's going on about:

We're going to have a new president, raised in that "philosophy," so - unlike poor Joaquin - everything's going to work out fine.

Weren't we always told "the truth" will set us free? I know I was. 

I just wish somebody would've mentioned there'd be so damned many of them,...

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