Thursday, June 21, 2012

Keep This In Mind (As Other Bloggers Root For Romney)

There are many ways to be "smart," but ignoring critical thinking isn't one of them,...


  1. Okay. Aren't you stereotyping by saying Mormons are unqualified for president? Or is it just Romney?

  2. Imhao that question is best answered with: It depends.

    If a person can disengage themselves from their beliefs enough to see the dangers of trying to impose them on others in disregard to the rule of law and the individual rights of man, then no, they shouldn't even be allowed to run for dogcatcher.
    If they can, then by all means, go for it.
    And other people have the right to try and ascertain which category the canidate falls into.

    This isn't limited to Mormons however. The same could be said of feminists, Evangelicals, Catholics, Muslims, environmentalists, you name it.
    It's one thing to have one's beliefs make up one's basic character, but the test of any true statesman is to be able to put them aside when they fall in opposition to the common good.

    At least that's mhao.

  3. I think you meant "can't" in the first sentence.

    That correction made, I do not disagree with what you said.

    I have yet to see Romney trying to impose his beliefs on anyone in disregard of rule or law or individual rights of man. My concern with Romney is (primarily) his tendency to pander to his audience and compromise. And I worry he will move to the left when elected and be weak and ineffective as a conservative leader.

  4. Uhm, what makes you think that this pandering (and he doesn't compromise...he just panders; he has no intentions of doing anything other than what he wants...just like Obama) and deflecting isn't something he has picked up through the culture of his faith?
    He's already done it -- just listen to what he's saying (Christ...this is what I was saying to Obama voters back in '08...that's freaking hilarious). He deflects, he skirts around issues, he panders, he rabble rouses...anything but a serious, truthful talk about the issues and what he intends to do, and most definitely anything but actually compromise or even listen to the "little people".

    Have you read some of the stuff here? Did you not for the last 3 1/2 years say yourself that the Democrat voters had become dangerously fixated on a "dear leader" and refused to look at him as he really was, had drank the Kool Aid? Well?

    Maybe you should watch what happens to the right over the course of the summer...I know I am.
    PS. It isn't too late -- instead of running around insisting that people must vote for Mitt (or else Obamacolypse!!!) why not encourage people to call Mitt out, before the convention would be best, but at the very least not buy the koolaide AND call him out on it.
    Heck, do the same for Democrats and their idiotic situation -- if you can save people from the koolaide, then the likelihood of yourself being saved goes up.

  5. Wearing magic underoos to ward off evil spirits and claiming that's rational is a fine qualification for President...

    P.S. Joseph Smith was also a convicted felon. Just had to throw that out there.