Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Glenn Reynolds Drinking Game: Every Time He Tries To Make It Look Like Only Liberals Are Weirded Out By Mormons, I'm Going To Do This (He Seems To Forget Christians, Other Conservatives, Cult Critics, Etc.,...)

Mormons who fear Mitt

THANKS to Mitt Romney, a Broadway hit and a relentless marketing campaign by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mormons seem to be everywhere. 
This is the so-called Mormon Moment: a strange convergence of developments offering Mormons hope that the Christian nation that persecuted, banished or killed them in the 19th century will finally love them as fellow Christians. 
I want to be on record about this. I’m about as genuine a Mormon as you’ll find — a templegoer with a Utah pedigree and an administrative position in a congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am also emphatically not a Christian.

LR Christian school denies admission to Mormon boy

Althouse: "Making Mormons look bad helps others feel good."

Joseph Smith, Menses, Pedophilia, etc.

A homosexual, devout Mormon who is married to a woman and has three children has outed himself via a blog post.

Book of Mormon action figures include dark-skinned Lamanites

Polygamy Case Tying Utah's Legal System In Knots

Under the Banner of Heaven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

FLDS continues abusive polygamist practices in Utah and Arizona

The Utah County Attorney’s Office may have raised eyebrows when it declared in a court filing that it would not, as a matter of policy, prosecute polygamists under the state bigamy law unless some form of abuse, violence or fraud were involved. In Utah, this makes practical as well as legal sense.

Big Love - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Why Are Mormons (& John Conyers) Funding Islamic Terrorism?

I don’t believe in God,” my husband whispered in the darkness of our bedroom.

Lawrence O'Donnell on Mitt Romney's Cop Uniform Fetish

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