Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If "Mitt" Becomes A Popular Boys Name I'll Scream,...

While discussing the mixture of medicine with it's "alternative," Orac describes the best reason for not electing Romney with a cult behind him - without ever mentioning Romney with a cult behind him:
As Mark Crislip so famously put it, “If you integrate fantasy with reality, you do not instantiate reality. If you mix cow pie with apple pie, it does not make the cow pie taste better; it makes the apple pie worse.” 
And if you “integrate” pseudoscience with science, it does not make the science more rigorous. If you mix quackery with real medicine, you do not make the real medicine better—or even more “holistic.” Much of “integrative medicine” represents, more than anything else, a return to pre-scientific beliefs, such as vitalism, miasmas, and illnesses being caused and cured by, in essence spirits or gods or magic. After all, reiki is nothing more than a form of faith healing, and most energy medicine is nothing more than magic, the belief that if you wish for something really, really hard, you can bend the universe to do your bidding and provide you with that thing, in this case, healing.
I'll have more on this, as some seem to think I've been saying we're going to be forced to become Mormon if we elect Mitt Romney as president - which I haven't - but, for now, keep Orac's "garbage in/garbage out" critique in mind and try to figure out what I've been saying on your own - without being reductionist, pleeeeease.

 I can't wait to see what you'll come up with this time,...


  1. And for your link I am not suggesting that about you. I understand why you dislike the Mormon religion. Trouble is Obama follows a faith that is even more troublesome and problematic.

    What I am saying if you* in a state that is in play you have basically two choices: Support Obama or support Romney. If your state is not in play (either solidly red or blue) you have the option of a third party vote. But if you exercise that third party option in a state in play, it will generally work as a vote for Obama.

    * "You" being any voter. If "you" happens to be a Democrat then by all means vote third party.

  2. Hmm, get bitten by the mamba or the king cobra...decisions, decisions...

    What if you just don't want to get snakebit at all?

  3. That is an option too. A cabin off the grid and supplies to last out the next few years of shit dom.

  4. If Crack becomes a popular boys or girls name I will... well, let's just say I will not like it.

  5. LOL...well, due to where I live/my lifestyle I can come close to that.
    However, I don't think the reaction to not voting for Romney or voting for Romney needs to be that extreme.

    The world isn't going to end either way. All I've got is my one vote, my understanding of the presumptive canidates, and my conscience -- and right now my conscience, based on my understanding, is telling my vote "no" to either one.

    And people on both sides driving the hard sell (all the while NOT helping anyone's understanding of the presumptive canidates) is starting to just reinforce how my vote goes (too bad it's worked on others).

  6. Actually, we should all have a set of twins and name them Crack and Emcee!

  7. If you don't want to vote for Romney because he's Mitt Romney--fair enough. I have my doubts about him too and he is definitely not my first choice. And if he does win, he will be lame and have to be dealt with just as we are dealing with Obama. Still, I think we are better off with Romney over Obama.

    But that is me. If you disagree I respect that.

    I just do not get anti Mormon all the time. Mormons don't freak out when the major broadway play is The Book of Mormon. I find the basis of the religion unbelievable on almost every level, but Romney at least was born into it (Harry Reid on the other hand converted as an adult). I do not think the religion is evil, just wrong.