Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"A-Wop-Bom-A-Loo-Mop-A-Lomp-Bom-White!" (Science)

A proverb says the world spins so it can't avoid where it's been.

What was not known, then, is revealed as unbelievable ignorance now.

It's cosmic way, of thinking, is very necessary - but just as draining.

Retracing the stupid things that were fervently believed.

Revisiting the evil lies that were willingly told.

And all the ugly things that continue to be thought aloud.

But, most importantly, the world's movement confronts it with why.

What interest is being served by it's behavior?

And how is it's behavior different from before?

What will it take - to tip it on it's axis - never to be the same again?

Unfortunately, America can only be 5% of the planet's land mass.

Because it's influence is surely growing, far beyond it's size,...

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