Friday, July 18, 2014

Conor Friedersdorf Needs More Subversive Monuments

A statue to The Civil Rights Struggle in Birmingham, Alabama - clearly showing American whites playing a leading role in the over-100-year fight for equality in this country - because they cared so much, about the meaning of the constitution, before uneducated blacks even knew to start marching.

No, yes, no - here's your cultural proof right here - there's been no Nazi tendencies roiling through our history (Rolls Eyes) and no Apartheid, and never has been. Black American life has just been a darker-skinned version of Leave It To Beaver and, if we still can't get ahead with that, it's been our own fault. We should've packed treats for the dogs. Boy-howdy.

Oops - it's in my brain now

TMR's liking the way Conor's New American Vision's shaping up:

Not exactly DEVO but we'll take it

It'll confuse the liberals-are-the-cause-of-black's-problems types for a while (Hoover was a liberal?) but - like their racism - that, too, will pass,...

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