Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Who Imposed Segregation (When Whites Do It Anyway)?

Because they're so much better than you at everything.

Let's see, whites claim they're not racist now, and say they would never segregate or discriminate against others but, it just so happens, whites still do all those things - naturally - including while taking other's spiritual practices:

Let's drink too much and talk about women and darkies like they're not even alive.

Poor, confused, white people - from stealing Rock N Roll to anything and everything else, it must be a shameful thing to have so little culture of their own:

Thinking, about what whites have done to blacks, makes for white cultural problems.

Some don't notice, the rest of us do. Every. Single. Time. Oh well:

If yoga was good enough for Nazi training camps, then it's good enough for us.

TMR's just glad to hear the act of creating white  Aryan Supermen is still going strong,...

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