Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Courageous White Reporter Suspended 4 Being An Idiot

A strange belief seems to have developed, in certain segments of white culture, that says black kids would somehow develop a love for their racist overseers, who oppress blacks under the guise of law enforcement, if those blacks simply had fathers

Mothers, presumably, teach kids to hate cops. 

Of course, this bizarre belief was developed by whites with A) little black input B) a complete disregard for the fact black boys with fathers are no more likely to view cops favorably than those without, and C) an ignorance of the history of police officers, and racism, in this country. 

They speak as though racism never happened, and/or it doesn't exist now, and/or they have no clue to America's contours. Again - they just sound ignorant. As a matter of fact, such a belief can only be posited by someone who IS ignorant to the contextual reality of, not only American black life but, America itself.

Considering that - and the fact he's on TV where blacks live - if he keeps this up, TMR (kinda) hopes this reporter (1) gets fired,...

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