Thursday, July 3, 2014

Zwarte Piet: Santa's Little-Black-Sidekick Is Ruled Racist

Today, a Dutch court said "Zwarte Piet," or "Black Pete," is a racist, harmful caricature of black people - that European whites have really LOVED to spring on tourists for centuries. (Hey, Mississippi, it beats hanging a dead body in the town square, right?) 

Just like whites in America, Denmark did this, presumably, for blacks, since the average whites are so busy humiliating us (all the while denying whites are racist) they simply couldn't find the time or the resources to help themselves - so they needed a ruling. 

TMR predicts that will be a prove to be a very serious problem in the future, whenever the European court eventually tackles the all-important question of, "Who in the FUCK did you people ever think you were?"

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