Saturday, July 5, 2014

If You Don't Make $130,000 A Year Then America Sucks

In America, this photo is considered more valuable than anyone who'll die on this street.

Money's one HUGE difference, between my life and my friend's, online and off. One white friend has taken a vacation, and is planning another, just since I've been in San Francisco. My blogging buddy, Ann Althouse, is out traveling again, visiting family. Must be nice. 

No free time, no money, no days off - and the expectation we'll be grateful and celebrate it.

Meanwhile, like a lot of blacks, I haven't worked in months but I'm passing other blacks in the streets, pushing everything they own in shopping carts. A sandwich, here, costs almost $10.00. That's a lot of money anywhere but, especially, if you're broke.

Blacks, utilizing government programs to create wealth and equity, like white Americans - NOT.

Most whites don't see a problem - or any connection to the past - or they simply don't want to see it.

He's no longer Canadian, so he's got no government healthcare - or reason to be nice - that's American.

Blacks are lazy, you know - unlike whites, when it comes to understanding the effects of American History and culture on us, today - they're totally on top of it.

Historically, this economic level whites consider a black success, and have ensured we live on.

I wonder how whites would react to living on what blacks do? Or living how blacks have to? (I can only think of a few black friends who make near $70,000 a year, while most make about $20-$30,000, with whites reportedly averaging 20 times what blacks earn overall - but, whites say, there's no discrimination here.) I'd love toy see what Ann's blog would look like then. Would she have time for, or even a concern about, Hillary Clinton's Speaking Fees?

Alternate reality - the day Meade proposed.

Or would her concerns be,...elsewhere?

Whites seriously think they earned their position, and are entitled to it, rather than being killers.

All of my life, white Americans have lived well - while everybody else doesn't - and it's all by racist design.

Shhhh! Don't talk about it, but, we did something to you.

Whites know this and don't seem overtly troubled by it.

After watching "Roots," whites know centuries of pain, and now they're off to new horizons.

Because black nightmares are white's "American Dream,…"

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