Thursday, July 10, 2014

Illegal Immigrants Ain't A Black Issue After Reparations

How many blacks, today, are "casualties" of white's centuries-long obsession with killing us?

The photo, above, is from a KKK lynching in 1981. Two decades after I was born, though, still about 50 years after white folks started getting sick of themselves. (What white folks, today, call "ancient history" or "didn't happen" or  - when they want to be specific in their denial - "didn't happen to you.") Strangely, it reminded me The Drudge Report has a link to this load of crap in The National Review today: 

When your countrymen have a history of not caring about you, it's awful hard to care.

The National Review. The same determined members of "the party that freed the slaves," so concerned for our welfare, they now stand against reparations for blacks - which would make their illegal immigration argument mute - while reminding us what a terrible situation they, themselves, are leaving us in. Because DEMOCRATS. 

If racism's insanity, a racist country can't be anything but,….

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