Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sarah Got Drunk & Said A Black President Can't Holder

Sarah Palin's been irrelevant for a while now but, today - maybe after nipping a little too much at the cooking sherry - she went on (what seemed to be) such a tipsy tirade against the presidentAttorney General Eric Holder, and their perception of racism in America, TMR's re-setting her 15 Minutes Of Fame Clock.

It's quite the sight, this woman - who's shown no insight or aptitude on the subject of race - lecturing two black men that they are, not just wrong but, trying to be deceptive by bringing it up. And naturally, she'd rather pivot to impeachment, because (even she has to know) we're aware there's no substance to her claim of understanding their motivations, making her whole rap a sieve.

Only the most ignorant of whites will get sucked into it,...

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