Wednesday, July 30, 2014

If Slavery Produced Dysfunction In Black Culture - And It Did - Then What In The World Is White Culture's Excuse?


  1. Good comment - had to look him up.

  2. In the Irish culture, our slavery produced a fondness for drink and forgetting about it. Fascinating to read about the Irish slavery. Added bonus ... Saint Patrick was a Brit who was a slave of Irish warlords or something. Oh well. By gones be by gones. Raise a pint. Wake up the next morning and ... go to work. Cause that's what Irish do. In other words, stop you friggin whining about slavery (trade ended by British Empire ... you are welcome! although friggin Brits took a bunch of Irish slaves in the 1400-1500s) Amazon books about the Irish being slaves =

  3. So tired of this whining about slavery. Slavery could not happen if there wasn't a wholesaler in Africa getting rid of his enemies.

    "Blacks as well as whites profited from the Atlantic slave trade. The shippers and retailers of slaves were mostly Europeans or white Americans, but the wholesalers were often black. Slavery existed throughout west Africa, and during the wars that convulsed the upper Niger valley in the early 19th century prisoners seized during the fighting were sold to Europeans by African rulers."

    If you are interested in the whole sordid past of slavery and want to bust up some preconceived notions then more details here, with an appearance by FDRs grand father. Check it out !!!!!!