Saturday, July 12, 2014

Do Whites See The Irony In Telling Blacks 2 Lighten Up?

No matter where whites stand on race, image is important.

Few whites seem willing to make the associations necessary, to cope with TMR, preferring their superficial concerns instead:

A different picture of a hanged man.
This could be true, but the appearance of insanity's not a concern, because - while TMR would hate to "look crazy" when discussing what having black American citizen's dead bodies hanging, formally, in public areas could possibly mean today - it's a risk any good blog would be willing to take. That's why we're speaking. Scratching an itch. 

So, on to lynching:

Photographing the KKK and nooses together? Pure coincidence.

There's racial symbolism all over America, but if whites "don't even THINK about race," it's obvious, ignorance of the meaning - behind their culture's main mechanism for keeping white supremacy in place - would possibly escape them, today. 

Photographing FOX News and nooses together? Pure coincidence.

But that doesn't make TMR crazy:

The colorblind won't look at what's happened to produce us - so blacks endure it alone.

It just reveals, further, that whites have learned one line of an MLK speech and call their interpretation of it "civil rights," or black history - which is sad.

America's black citizens could always get ahead - on a stake.

What's sad is, TMR knows none of this depriving-blacks-of-justice business is "unintentionally" happening, but is in perfect concert with all that's come before - and that includes the white's excuses for maintaining it - the results being the same as the racists intended.

“That chasm,...reported openly and without apology, would have far-reaching effects on disparities in what economists consider perhaps the key barometer of economic well-being: wealth. Wealth, meaning not riches or income, but rather the accumulated net assets passed down through the generations that can be drawn upon in times of crisis. Wealth, unlike income, takes decades to build. The gap in pay going back generations among African Americans meant that even the most promising of black workers, like my mother, having received next to nothing in material assets from their slave foreparents, had to labor with the knowledge that they were so behind it would be all but impossible to accumulate the assets their white counterparts could and that they would, by definition, have less to leave succeeding generations compared with similar white families. ”

"Nice little July 4th you had there - be a shame if something happened to it, huh?"

No, a picture of a hanged man doesn't cover "every stupid point" being made, but - since our murdered dead never got to do anything else in life - TMR says they still speak directly to this nation's racial truth, compared to too many of America's other more attractive (and possibly more image conscious) representatives today:

After the Civil War was 100 proud years of America at it's best.

And honestly, since white America's lynching of blacks are hardly mentioned today - but covers most of their history here - if anyone's "crazy" (or needs a dose of shame) it likely ain't TMR,...

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