Friday, July 25, 2014

There's Reason Whites Don't Want America Understood

"Cousin Jane use to wait til master have company in missus big parlor and when dey be in dar jes talking and lafing she goes in dar, pulls up her coat tail over her head, shows all she's got and say , 'Marse, is you gwine whip me? Here I is."



    Crack you are losing. You can keep trying harder, or change strategy. My advice, friendly, is to emulate William Frank Buckley Junior.

    God bless.

  2. You think Rand Paul, STILL trying to "attract" blacks, is the same as blacks agreeing he did it? ("Crack you are losing.") Hilarious. How many years is this effort, not to be seen as the racists whites are, been going on again? Longer than whites hiring blacks, that's for sure.

    Anyway, the man can't speak on race for a minute without stepping on his own dick, so he can say anything he wants - if it makes racist conservatives happy, he'll lose.

    And you?

    You're suffering from the same myopia that made whites think runaway slaves were "bad"….

  3. You are still just a stupid, psychotic racist fuck, Crack.

    Doesn't look like you'll ever get any better.

    Apparently, this lowlife shit is what you are and what you will always be. You deserve it.


    Hmm. Seems your new friends the Democrats don't care whether blacks live or die, they only care about power. You have thrown in with people without a conscious. This will not end in perfection.

    In many ways I dislike Republicans as much as you. I hated Ted Stevens with a passion before he died. At the time he was forced out by bogus charges, before the white prosecutor killed himself for being such a good Leftist, I was glad Stevens was gone as he was the most entitled raper of the treasury I had ever heard.

    Then of course Obama with Franken and Steven's replacement illegally enacted Obamacare through fraudulent Senators, which is gonna kill more poor blacks than you or Obama could ever care about, not when you have targets (and you always will) to accuse of racism everywhere you look to care about instead.

    Myself, I shall keep my humanity, withstand the hatred that enrages me at those that kill the weak, and stand strong against racism and bigotry of all kinds.

  5. "You're suffering from the same myopia that made whites think runaway slaves were "bad"…."

    Possibly, but I have for many years respected people that cross a desert to break into the country illegally. I have stated to friends many times that I hope I would have the courage to leave and strive for something better in America than my homeland if that's the way things worked out.

    I also think this guy is an idiot, and has the happy slave mentality transported into our century (and with white skin as it happens).

  6. Steve over at News Alert is a little kooky about Skull and Bones so he calls WFB a racist. Racist Racist Racist. But you must agree that whites kept blacks down hence blacks weren't equal with whites. White Democrats in and outside their KKK held blacks in legal and literal bondage for decades and decades after the "end" of slavery.

    I agree with reparations for all victims of Al Gore Sr., Bobby Byrd, George Wallace, and other KKK Democrats. We need these victims on TV every night talking about the terrors inflicted on them by the white Democrats.

    "Flashback: Skull and Bones Member William F. Buckley Jr. Proclaims White Race More Advanced Than Black Race

    TPM has the flashback on the racist rantings of Skull and Bones member William F. Buckley Jr."