Friday, July 11, 2014

Out With The Old, In With The New: It's Reparations Time

Black Americans - enhancing white's very existence - since 1609

Blacks have been waking up, every morning, facing the same lies whites have been telling since slavery ended - like the creators of black enforced-poverty, and the recipients of white rapes, didn't already know whites had a hand in it all:

A world where everything whites do, or want, is portrayed as good

Those lies, alone, are worth paying for - but there's so much more.

Whites rarely mention the generations of black lives lost - from white activity - and don't want to.

That denials can hurt more than the memories.

Whites aren't inventing, or passing on, values history will respect them for

Or how playing God, with other people's lives, could never win whites friends - or the country they hoped to leave to our children - that hurts.

For all their enthusiasm, the only "work" whites really like to do, themselves, is supervise.

Theirs is just a long legacy of white supremacy - fueled by extreme ignorance, laziness, deception, cowardice, and violence.

Church on Sunday, but sin for a lifetime, and always deny everything - it's "The American Way!"

Someone else had to do for them, before, and after 400 years - as far as whites see it - someone else still will, or they're upset.

"You can say that a family of white people who immigrated to America in the 1920s has no responsibility for the enslavement of black people — but actually, they do. That family decided to sign up for a package deal called 'America,' a package deal they wanted (otherwise they wouldn't have immigrated), and a package deal which was shaped, for better or worse, by the institution of slavery. While it's important to note that slavery limited the economic development of white Americans as well as black, at the micro level, plenty of white Americans directly or indirectly benefited from the systematic discrimination of black people, in the realms of housing, education, employment, and so on. The discrimination was pervasive enough that each of the myriad institutions that make up American life — politics, schools, colleges, sports, media, culture — has been affected. Those participating in these institutions incur, in turn, at least some degree of responsibility for that injustice."

"Thanks for the house, Massa!"

It's been the same the world over.

"What do you mean, whites 'need to give back'?"

Whites sincerely think (as a group) because they've taken something from others - no matter how viciously they individually got it - it's been theirs for so long, they've done nothing wrong.

Whites love of slavery, and the Occult, does not bode well for their reasoning ability.

They are as badly mistaken as psychics.

Whites can't handle the truth of their beliefs and actions.

The entire white system of government was built on "wrong."

Whites were even recently trying to claim blackness.

So blacks are now, fully, abandoning the white's belief system.

Wherever there's black folks, there's always been some power, over us.

It's TMR's position is that all belief systems are designed, and adopted, to mentally resist truth's consequences.

The past only looked glorious when white's controlled it.

But, once the truth has it's boots on, there ARE consequences and - whether whites like it or not - they will be paid.

Because waking up, like this, is no way to live,...

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