Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Putin's A Sorry Rep (For Doing The Right Thing) But,...

If we did this, here, crime would drop to unseen levels:
"Moscow police have once again entered the dark realms of the paranormal, busting a Russian "psychic" ring that has been lifting curses for money — or, as the police claim, simply scaring clients into thinking they were jinxed. 
The alleged psychics ran a parapsychology center called Sapphira, complete with a call center, the city police website said Tuesday. 
The psychics also promoted their company through shows on cable television such as Komsomolskaya Pravda TV. Sapphira staff convinced callers they were cursed and claimed to be performing "magical" rituals during their phone conversations. The staff convinced their potential clients they needed supernatural help, which the center then provided for payment, the report said. 
The police did not disclose the group's price list for lifting curses, but said it seized 4 million rubles ($120,000) and a list of clients during raids at Sapphira's office and the homes of its staff. Six alleged psychics now face up to 10 years in prison on fraud charges, the report said."
Fraud? Psychics? Prison? Wow - whoda thunk it,...


  1. Crack, Are you aware the new pc term for Gypsy is Roma? Mark it in the always changing pc dictionary.

  2. Yeah, I loved in Europe, so I was aware.

    They can be pretty scummy,...