Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Right: Yeah, We Need Blacks, But Not Just Anybody

O.K., check this out: 

After I watched that Bill Whittle piece with a liberal white Hip-Hop-loving friend, and noticed my friend showing real interest in how he'd been had, I punched up a video by Zo (of Pajamas Media) commenting on Lil Wayne, because I know my friend and A) he'd be interested in a conservative critique of Lil Wayne by a black guy other than me, and B) he's the type who can take only so much from Bill Whittle. 

It's a bonding moment, for my friend and I, over Zo's clip:


Zo does his number on Lil Wayne stomping the flag and my friend's getting a little excited. He's starting to get it, kind of. And now Zo says he's got a band called 20 Lb. Sledge? You know we've gotta check that out!


But stop - that's not 20 Lb. Sledge above, it's Test Dept.. See, here's the thing: 

Bill Whittle has already shown he doesn't understand Rap Music by describing it as "sexual aggression typical of America today" (and Led Zeppelin wasn't? The Beatles weren't?) and Zo's not just saying he's got a band, but a "Right-Wing Christian" outfit that, specifically, doesn't exemplify women.

My friend's making me nervous. He's a liberal but, when it comes to our culture, he's not stupid.

O.K., here's Zo's group, 20 Lb. Sledge:


So what does this video open with? Checking out a white woman's bikini'd butt as she swims in a pool. That's not exemplifying women? And, even worse, the music is kill yourself awful. No, it's beyond awful - it's atrocious - because a let-down of this magnitude clearly deserves more letters.

Zo's now a talentless hypocrite and my friend is laughing at his Christian ass. And at me, a little bit:

It's Mitt Romney all over again - "Do you really want to stand with that guy?" he asks.

I pull up more 20 Lb. Sledge (as my friend's now calling them "20 Lb. Sludge") just to be sure:


Oh Boy, we're sure,...


  1. I used to like Zo; I used to like Bill Whittle too. From time to time I still see the people I used to like in them, but that PJMedia has really ruined them that's for sure.