Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"I've Already Heard Some Of That And I Don't Care,..."

Almost enough to make me wish whites can go back to "blacks are stupid" and stop emulating us:
"'All we want to do is celebrate white identity' 
- White Student Union forms at Georgia State University"
They do realize everybody's being stupid, right?

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  1. Back in the day, one of my future husband's housemates got a phone call from the college's black student union -- cordially inviting him to a party hosted by the black student union and greek organizations, and would he consider joining their organization as he was not listed as a member? He wasn't just white; he was Larry Byrd white -- but they didn't know that; they just made an assumption due to the way his mom and dad spelled his name on the birth certificate.
    He went and invited some guests (us); they asked us what we were doing there; he introduced himself -- since they had cordially invited him with a phone call and everything it only seemed proper to show up.
    After their initial uneasiness due to surprise, it was a pretty good time. At least back then that organization could have a good laugh on themselves -- although they didn't invite him back (which was kind of a bummer; it was a good party -- and D was a pretty fun guy -- Navy, 1983, had some great stories; oh well, their loss).

    Is it wrong to hope the same thing happens here?