Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bill Whittle Sees The Same Trayvon Martin Case I Did

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  1. Yeah, pretty much -- although I will fault the right for getting their freak out on a bit too much than to seem completely innocent (some of them; they were a little too eager, a little too much like the left with their response for me not to be suspicious).

    And I do notice that many do not want to talk about one of the big points to this story: why are we allowing kids like Martin to wind up like they do? There always have been punk ass kids who have had to raise themselves (which is essentially how I view Martin) but we seem to be cranking them out in bigger numbers and in more toxic combos than before imhao.
    And for that matter: we seem to be cranking out more Zimmermans -- honestly, I don't think the dude was bad intentioned or racist -- but damn dude, could have used a lot more sense. We seem to crank out our share of heroes in this country, but a hero rides a fine line between hero and either goat/dead, and we always used to remember that wits had to be part of the working equation. We aren't talking about that much either.

    But then, neither one of these guys figures as one of my personal boogiemen.