Sunday, August 10, 2014

A New CMC Song: The Great Migration To

Back in 2000, when the dotcom boom first started, the label Bomb Hip-Hop asked me to do a song about the effect of these new Silicon Valley millionaires on the San Francisco Bay Area, so I quickly delivered "," above.

Now, the second wave is upon us, but the conservative scourge has moved - from Silicon Valley right into the heart of San Francisco - evicting artists and the poor alike right into the streets, which are, today, filled with blacks carrying everything they own on their backs. "The Great Migration To" fills in the unspoken 400-year backstory of the original moneyed-attitudes - and the original income inequality - that made it possible for us to get to such a place, even in America's ultra LiberaLand - Here's a hint:

As we learned (or obviously didn't) from blacks being the food that fed slavery - once money starts flowing - America's NOT what it portrays itself to be:

And the proof is in the historical puddin'.

Enjoy - there's more tracks, of all kinds, on the way.

And - as always - donations are welcome,...


  1. Scott,

    Find another color to turn,...

  2. Preferably something with even less color,..

  3. Keep it up and you will disappear entirely,...

  4. You have no idea how completely wrong you are. What were you doing in the summer of '64?