Friday, August 15, 2014

From Misery To Missouri: What A Difference Love Makes

How racist white cowards feel most comfortable around blacks - and why we laugh at them

Missouri's governor got smart yesterday, and changed Ferguson's law enforcement - eliminating the racist local police and bringing in The Highway Patrol - which is now led by a black former Ferguson resident, Captain Ron Johnson. 

This was unexpected and unremarkable.

The results have been, both, expected and remarkable:

Some people simply have no right to handle "animals"

As if by magic - by putting someone in charge who loves black people - last night's "animals" have been transformed back into Missouri residents, and American citizens.

Anybody can get cooperation, but how?

Funny, how easily that happened, huh? 

Sigh. Is it really the "black" media that will turn your head?

TMR thinks it's a sign - that whites are missing something.


For instance, consider Matt Drudge, still trying to whip up white resentment with a photo of Michael Brown flipping the bird. 

Nice crowd you got there, white folks, wonder why you don't like them black?

Drudge knows America's murderous history, and it's white's sociopathic culture, AND that blacks are watching him, too. 

Libertarians don't want government interference, even for blacks - including reparations - while expecting our vote (Insanity) 

But, like another TMR favorite of the Right - Glenn Reynolds AKA Instapundit - black eyes are just more "race-hustling" inspiration to pursue excellence (in their ongoing portrayal of whites as evil monsters) as though that view of them needed any help at this point.

How bad is the white image, that it's seen as horrible, without the aid of propaganda?

Drudge simply upped-the-ante because, when a photo of Brown flashing a peace sign went around, the white racists decided to portray him - two days away from entering college - as a gangsta. 

Pass it around - history repeats

What else do debunked racists do for money?

White America HATES this guy for this

Hit 'em with the Johnny Cash!

Like Tucker Carlson, a bow-tie is always a good indicator of a racist, straight from America's past

To TMR, his latest framing of a black American is just another clear indication that it's about time for Matt Drudge, and  The Drudge Report - and the heinous, racist, white readership he provokes - to get the fuck out of Dodge

Black America has seen all of this before

Reporting's "Why?" should be obvious:

Some whites are still delusional and lashing out

White supremacy's most certainly over - and so, uh, like, duh:

TMR is sure blacks will be bawling their eyes out when Drudge passes as well

That goes for the yellow journalism it depended on, too, Dummies,...


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  2. The differential effects of the two policing strategies should be humbling to everyone who has promoted the militarization of the police force. The federal government, in the form of the Pentagon, is the primary culprit along with the wannabe soldiers in the local police forces. Cowardly little fuckers all. Once again Rand Paul was the only politician speaking any sense on the issue.