Sunday, August 17, 2014

White's "Game Changer"? Attempt A Monopoly On Truth

Gee, if you'd have been listening to Rap in '91, you would've known this stuff already

This is becoming sad. No, not that Michael Brown's mediated biography is turning into The Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit - a role (you might notice above) blacks don't find unsympathetic - but that whites think criminality makes Brown's death at the hands of a police officer "a game changer." (They need the game to change so bad!

Bowie told white people, and white people love them some Bowie

They don't get it, naturally, because (like with Benghazi) they're trying to defend against shadows and not cope with reality as blacks usually must. Here's one thing they ought to know by now:


Where's that need for change being placed? 

So, let's try this again (second time today):

Henry Davis, 52, was mistakenly arrested in Ferguson, Missouri, and, after the police realized it, they beat him up and charged him with destruction of property for bleeding on their uniforms.

Since there's no blacks to stop them - and this is an old American story - let's call this "white ethics in action" and please record blacks have no respect what-so-ever for them. Thank you.

Fear of white authority - and any love for it - was pretty much wiped out of blacks during slavery

Why has the "game" of white supremacy never demanded change from whites, white people? Why have whites never searched long and hard for the answer to eliminating it - as a crime - as they are for finding criminal intent in blacks? Where is the urgency? Whites know the answers, the sly dogs. Here's a hint:

"It's a beautiful day, isn't it?"

That statement - alone - is all it takes to allow most whites to let other Americans suffer. (Who has the time?) 

Here's another game changer:

It's a mistake to think blacks are wrong not to be docile - whites are wrong to expect it

“When I was 18, I knew there were times when I was driving in my car and had to turn around. It needs to change. It’s gotta change today.”

- Ron JohnsonCaptain, The Missouri Highway Patrol

Bloodstone: English blacks singing about American police oppression over 40 years ago

Somehow, TMR doesn't think this is exactly what whites have in mind,...

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